JMS Restoration

Non-Franchise, owner-operated Restoration Services

We are an experienced and knowledgeable restoration company located in DeWitt, MI.
We specialize in residential and commercial water and mold damage. We offer many years of experience dealing with insurance claims and private customers. We can work directly with you or if you prefer, we can work directly with your insurance company on your behalf. 

Family owned and operated!

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Photos are from actual jobs.


We specialize in complicated containment scenarios in sensitive areas such as this nurse station in a hospital.

Office Buildings

We can contain the issue and keep your office in motion during a loss at your business.

Negative Air

We often vent the air from the contaminated area outside of the containment to create what is called a “negative air pressure” environment.”

Garage Issues

Sometimes the wall leading to the garage is compromised. In this case a plastic barrier is put in place after the mold remediation phase has been completed to keep air and critters out of the home until the drywall can be replaced, which usually cannot be done until the area passes the post remediation inspection.


John has been handling water and mold damaged residential and commercial properties since 2003. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge which will undoubtedly help you navigate through the details of your loss.